Life with Chronic Pain is hard, don’t let anyone tell you different. We’ve lost friends to it. Some have lost many, others have lost just a few. One loss to the overwhelming sensation of ravages of the body attacking itself from within or the body ripping itself apart from pain is unacceptable. Especially when it can be prevented with legal means available— legal opioid prescription pain relief.

Is there an opioid addiction issue in the United States? Yes. Is it among the Chronic Pain and Rare Disease Population? NO. How can I say that with such certainty? Because this population is honest and dedicated receiving their treatment and managing their SYMPTOM: EXCRUCIATING PAIN as to have one thing; a quality, productive life in spite of having a disability which includes CHRONIC PAIN.

That being said, the current ILLEGAL CRACKDOWN OF LEGAL PRESCRIBING OF OPIOIDS IN AMERICA, has led to an extremely small proportion of Chronic Pain Patients turning to alternative means of relief due to ABANDONMENT BY THEIR HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS and the intolerable levels of pain. This pain sends any CPP into a level of pain which is the equivalent of utter torment and hell – torture.

When the CDC OPIOID statistics are actually examined, the percentage of CPPs who became “addicted” are only 0.6% not the 2% of all U.S. patients prescribed opioids, and that includes any who pursue relief on the street.

Unfortunately during this search for relief, these precious few disabled patients were susceptible to addiction and succumbed to such. They, to no fault of their own, but the government, in their attempt relieving disabling pain, became addicted to either the medications which kept them MANAGED in the past, or trying much more potent alternatives on the street which, I hate to say, actually work better. Illegal forms of prescription Fentanyl and street heroin and cocaine carry with them the risk of addiction and death with one or two hits for the susceptible in addition to being ILLEGAL in the United States as they should be.

I see the TRUTH. Do you?

My question is rather simple? Why would a CPP need to be on the street IN THE FIRST PLACE? The simple and logical answer is the addictive properties of the human genome and CDC…DEA, I’ll give it to you– for the 0.6%, not the others.

What about the rest? Why have the Chronic Pain Patient (many of who are deemed DISABLED, DIAGNOSED WITH A RARE DISEASE, HAVE END-STAGE KIDNEY OR CANCER) had their opioid pain medications denied, their chronic pain management reduced, or completely eliminated during the last five to ten years as a result of your, the DEA AND CDC’s combined infiltration into OPIOID AND CHRONIC PAIN MANAGEMENT IN THE USA?

But let’s back up a minute. Is it really “all” the DEA and CDC’s fault? Who is pulling their strings? Who is ultimately responsible for the MILLIONS of DISABLED AND INNOCENT lives in this country being reduced to rubble in the matter of a decade? Special interest groups comprised of family members and radical leftists who are determined to eliminate legal, pain-relieving opioids from the planet because “millions” of loved ones ruined their lives dues to addiction? Maybe.

It is the politician who has forgotten the one most important thing in his or her rush to “heed” the call of the Opioid Panic in America – the Constitution.”

But the issue remains that the money and power still lies in the hands of the politicians in Washington, D.C. sitting in the Capitol Building. They are the ones in control of the DEA and CDC. They pay their bills, salary, and foot the bill for their future endeavors. It’s their butts on the line. Ahh, the crux of the matter… Money. Power.

But more than money and power, it is the politician, Democrat or Republican, Libertarian, or Independent, who represents the People in his or her state, the disabled, suffering, and healthy alike, who has forgotten the one most important thing in his or her rush to “heed” the call of the Opioid Panic in America – the Constitution.

You see, in their sprint to get elected and grab power fight illegal street crime and the “rampant” addiction it has created across their communities, including the 0.6% of those we can add to that which come from the millions of LEGAL OPIOID MEDICATIONS prescribed each and every day, they forgot about the impact their actions would have directly upon the CHRONIC PAIN, RARE DISEASE PATIENTS, AND ABOVE ALL, THE DISABLED – a protected group under the American with Disabilities Act which these very politicians passed thirty years ago!

Or did they? Maybe. That’s a question only they can answer. And I believe they must.

Truth and Trust

I don’t understand I’ll be honest with you, I grow weary of hearing my fellow pain warriors screaming for help and crying in support group after support group after being told by their doctors that they can’t relieve their pain because:

  • “I don’t want to lose my license or livelihood.”
  • “I have a family to support too.”
  • “I’ll end up in prison if I keep prescribing over the 90 MME limit.”
  • “They are watching my practice. I can’t do it anymore.”
  • “I’ll lose everything.”
  • “The DEA is pressuring us.”
  • “Opioids don’t work for nerve pain.”

I’d really like to know, AMA (American Medical Association), since when does the Drug Enforcement Agency have the authority to threaten, accuse, or manage PHYSICIANS, PROVIDERS, AND PATIENTS WITHIN THE HEALTHCARE OF THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? When do they have the authority to set dosage limits for medications? When does the CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL HAVE THAT AUTHORITY? They never have before.

The FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION along with MANUFACTURERS AND POST-RELEASE STUDIES AND TESTING DETERMINE POST-RELEASE ALTERATIONS TO DOSING GUIDELINES. Not the CDC or DEA. Any changes to limits or dosing is done through the manufacturer and their package inserts and  FDA Blackbox warnings.

The DEA and CDC HAVE HIJACKED FDA and AMA, NABP PROTOCOL. Why? Simple. To control America’s Healthcare System. And they are doing it evidently under Congress Authority.

I see the TRUTH. Do you?

Disabled Americans. Rare Disease Patients in America. Chronic Pain Patient in America. We are suffering and dying because of you, DEA, CDC, FDA, and Congress. Give the control to treat Chronic Pain Patients with legal, effective doses of opioids back to the people who KNOW what they are doing, the providers and stop threatening CPPs through them. Stop threatening them with their very livelihoods if not life!

STAY OUT OF AMERICA’S HEALTHCARE AND DO YOUR JOB, DEA, NOT THEIRS. You are very good at catching criminals. Stop looking for them where they don’t exist. Stop making criminals where they don’t need to be. Chronic Pain Patients and Disabled Patients are not addicts and criminals. Their physicians are not drug dealers. They are HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS and attempting to manage the worst possible cases or combinations known to man. You don’t have the KNOWLEDGE OR EDUCATION TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE as to which doses would be necessary to manage the pain of diseases such as:





It takes an animal as big as Bo, a Great Pyrenees to shoulder the burden of my pain day in and day out. He helps me rise and sit in a chair, balance when I walk, and alerts my husband (my other shoulder) to the acute cramps of my muscles and feet before I even know they will seize.

Because of the DEA’s unnecessary healthcare Opioid crackdown, my pain specialist is only allowed to manage my CRPS or Causalgia, to 35% relief. I can only manage my pain with opioids due to allergies, hypersensitivity, cross-reactivity, or other conditions which keep me from taking other medications. I do have a DRG Stimulator which is only 10% effective and believe me, I’ll take it!

Life with CRPS (Causalgia) is hell. Anyone who says different is a liar or is managed to awesome levels of pain relief! That unfortunately, is not me. My rare disease has been around since the Civil War, has no cure, few to no treatments other than pain management and grows progressively worse over time. I must be careful of falls, injections, injuries, and surgeries as to not spread my pain to other areas of my body or internally. Needless to say, my other disease states make this a tough task.

However, pain is my catalyst. In other words, I choose to use the condition’s intractable, excruciating chronic pain as fuel not to give up… when I am able to function, that is.

Hi there, my name is M. Renee Blare. I am Rare Disease. Chronic Pain Patient and I am disabled. Nice to meet you.


I’m a 25 year pharmacist licensed in the state of Wyoming, inactive due to my disability but proactive for those who can’t speak for themselves. According to my State Board of Pharmacy, I am STILL a pharmacist and my friends, family, and former coworkers agree.

The actions of my government infuriate me. They are an infringement on the disabled’s constitutional, civil, and human rights. We are not addicts. We are not criminals. We have the right to equal representation and treatment under the law. We have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness like any other citizen in this country whether we are disabled, have Chronic Pain, take opioids for that pain or disability or not.

The fact that we suffer a disabling and debilitating chronic or rare disease and need higher doses of opioids than a person without CP or RD does not mean that it should be illegal to receive those doses, but by law, not stop the reception of those doses but actually necessitate the receiving of them. That goes for any and all patients who fall in this category – chronic pain, rare disease, or end-stage kidney and cancer patients. The same goes for a post-surgical pain patient or auto-accident or migraine patient.

To deny someone with excruciating pain the relief they need to survive is the equivalent to torture and last I checked, we are citizens of this country not the enemy. And torture is illegal.

To deny adequate treatments of said diseases is cruel and unusual punishment of a minority class of population – the disabled and infirmed – and is in direct violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1972 and 1990.

I am tired of being a victim and I choose to be the victor. If pain or CRPS won’t define me and neither will the DEA, CDC, or any other governmental agency.

I ask you to join me in this fight for the freedoms we take for granted – the freedom to walk across the floor with ease, to rise with a smile. But most of all, to see the doctor we want, when we want, how we want and get the medicine they have the authority and ability to legally prescribe to us without Big Brother telling him or her a fictitious limit to the dosing simply to control both of us.

That is what America Medicine is meant to be.


Renee Blare – CPAW Wyoming