Pain is Everywhere and So are We!

Welcome to Chronic Pain Alliance of the West, the place you can go for support, friendship, and support.

We realize that the world is against you for simply being the person who was born, given, or associated with the one condition this world and country has decided is a crime or fictional—chronic pain

We know the life you live— sheer agony upon rising, a body which has become the enemy.

Facing each day with a stiff back or a tear… conquering the unseen obstacles….

And battling the never ending challenge of describing the life of hell to those offering to ease the pain…

When the Truth is?

Only the perfect fit of the glass slipper would suffice for a person, family, friend, or foe, to peek beneath the surface of the rigid back, stoic features, the pouring—drizzling—single—budding—tears, the fake smiles—- to see what was there… the truth that has been beaten into the Chronic Pain Patient as well as the agony from each day of living with their own body—the injustice from their own government.

Don’t Give Up, We Won’t

Our Blog, Truth and Trust

This is the information depot of the Alliance. Here is where you can find out about what’s happening in the Advocacy, Legislation, and Medical world concerning Chronic Pain and Rare Disease.

You may also find a bit of inspiration for those in your shoes from chronic pain patients to caregivers. Who knows, you may find something to gnaw on or try out!

Life with Chronic Pain and Rare Disease isn’t easy. It’s a long, agonizing journey that takes a lot of help. That’s why we’re here!

  • Life is Precious
  • Opioids are TOO Addicting, Take Some NSAIDS
    Last I checked Chronic Pain Patients were Americans not marionettes. How has the 2016 CDC Opioid Guidelines for Chronic Pain affected you? Are you a Chronic Pain or Rare Disease Patient or an Opioid Use Disorder or Addicted Patient now? Has your doctor decided you must stop or decrease your pain medications because you are addicted or risk becoming addicted because a bureaucrat or statistic told him or her in some statistic? If so, it’s time to read the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the ADA of 1972 and 1990. You are an American with a disease not an addict because someone in an office told them you were.

But we got this!

Are you are Chronic or Rare Disease Pain Patient?

If so, are you ready to fight for your rights? Your pain therapy? YOUR HEALTH? Your FREEDOM? If so, buckle up and get the mouse or thumbs ready!